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JK: I make love to my watches, so you guess what it is! [laughs] Last night, I was here until 2:00 am. I'll sit down and wind the watches, talk to them. My wife thinks I'm stupid and crazy!

WATCH WINNER REVIEW: Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date

WATCH WINNER REVIEW: Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date

Last year in 2014, the boutique watch company Ateliers DeMonaco releases their new newest model, the Tourbillon Oculus Petite Minute watch with a version in 18k rose gold and one in 18k white gold - each has titanium in the case as well. It also represents one of their most cost-effective tourbillon-based watches, and one that is both attractive and accurate, according the brand. I go hands-on to take a look at this rare Swiss/Monegasque timepiece.

I am also a big fan of watch movements that are designed to look more or less symmetrical. Call it a weakness, but I have always been fond of such designs that make it clear the machine is meant to be appreciated visually. That is exactly what Arnold & Son did with the in-house made caliber A&S1615 manually wound movement. Of course, it needed to be nice, as there isn't much of a dial to be found.

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Of particular interest to me was that the watch he had been given was a very early execution thin-cased DOXA Sub 300 with a prototype US Divers/Aqualung dial. These pieces are incredibly rare, with only 15-20 known to have been produced, and are one of the most desirable models to the small but committed group of DOXA collectors. Furthermore, it was in incredible condition, and I could feel it calling to me from across the country.

Regardless of the wear scenario, this is a comfortable and well-fitting watch on my 7.25" wrist.  I enjoyed the clean styling, and appreciated the well-applied lume (it is no Seiko Monster, but it certainly does quite nicely).  While the all-black scheme is a bit darker than I normally prefer for my wrist, I thought the Torgoen T32 worked well as a daily wear piece, as it is unassuming.

HYT has made it clear that while these two debut versions of the HYT Skull are limited editions, future versions of the HYT Skull in other colors and material combinations will come. For now, we have the HYT Skull Green Eye ref. 151-TD-41-GF-AB in titanium which is limited to 50 pieces, as well as the HYT Skull Red Eye ref. 151-DG-42-RF-AB in 18k rose gold and titanium which is limited to just 25 pieces. Price is 90,000 Swiss Francs for the HYT Skull Green Eye and 100,000 Swiss Francs for the Skull Red Eye.

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Is A Garmin Going To Be Your Next Smartwatch? CES 2015 Watch Lineup Looks Strong

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Hoptroff attempts to give this admittedly nerdy wrist watch gadget a bit of an old world flair with its classically derived design. Hoptoff even claims to have been influenced by the late and great English watchmaker George Daniels and his astronomically-themed Space Traveller timepiece. In order to give the Hoptroff No. 16 atomic wrist watch less visual mass, Hoptoff separates the case into two side-by-side dials, in a watch that is slightly reminiscent of the MB&F Horological Machine No. 1 (HM1). Hoptoff claims that this design scheme is meant to remind  people of the figure eight infinity symbol - which the double dials technically are if you look closely. There are also sort of creepy looking faces that look at each other between the two dials. You can see more of the infinity symbol theme on the dials themselves.

Direct MP3 download here. Under New Management: Interview With Founder Under New Management: Interview With Founder

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Like most Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore watches of this style the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Selfwinding Tourbillon Chronograph comes in a 44mm wide case, here produced from a combination of black ceramic, forged carbon, and titanium. It offers a very sporty look, but wearers likely appreciate the fine delicacy of the movement inside. This Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Selfwinding Tourbillon Chronograph watch will be officially debuted in late September at the still new Watches & Wonders for 2014. Price will likely be in the vicinity of 0,000.

MB&F Starfleet Machine Clock By L’Epée Hands-On

MB&F Starfleet Machine Clock By L’Epée Hands-On

Today, British watch company Bremont has announced the Bremont Kingsman selection of special edition watches. We have seen Bremont try to associate itself with quintessentially British products, such as Chivas Scotch Whisky or sports car maker Jaguar. This time around, Bremont hits the movies, as three slightly different models are released to mark the role these watches play in Matthew Vaughn's new film Kingsman: The Secret Service.

There are official and unofficial ways of getting a watch. Official places to purchase new watches include authorized dealers who carry a range of brands, as well as brand boutiques that carry products from just one brand. Some watch companies make their timepieces "officially available" for purchase online (either directly on their site or via third-party authorized dealers) and some don't. Unofficial ways of buying watches include a host of "gray market" dealers who aren't authorized dealers but acquire timepieces in a range of ways.

It sports a refreshingly unique layout for a hand-wound chronograph, thanks to the large Cartier-marked bridge that secures some of the chronograph's wheels, and the busy arrangement of highly polished cams, levers, and of course a column wheel in the lower left segment of the case back. Beyond the layout of components, what renders this caliber 9438 MC more unique is the fact that it actually is not a movement designed and manufactured in-house by Cartier, but something they sourced from APR&P (Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi, whom we visited not long ago).

Swatch Irony collection timepieces have a huge amount of variety and tend to be the slightly higher-end Swatch models, as they use some metal in the cases – most of these watches, for example, have aluminum and plastic cases. These models further focus on futuristic design, which I think is pretty cool. Given the "XLite" name, it is also safe to say that the Swatch Irony XLite collection timepieces aren't at all heavy on the wrist.

As you can tell, this is a watch that's military-grade, through and through. On the wrist, however, it's not one that really screams out that heritage. While I had the MKII Paradive on, I really felt like it flew under the radar - it's not overly large, doesn't involve any military company logos (or use of camo) - feeling like, well, a solidly-built everyday sort of a watch. This is due to just how cleanly the MKII Paradive presents - it's a purpose-built watch (owing to it's mil-spec roots) that doesn't have anything extraneous. Even the company logo takes a knee in deference to the overall design (I do rather like how it sneaks in under the 6 o'clock index).

This three-dimensional view is not just cool, but I believe is also very interesting to any watch enthusiast who is fascinated by the inner workings of a mechanical movement. The movement's plates display a subtle Côtes de Genève striping decoration, not as noticeable as seen on the backs of some other calibers – but that, in this case, is a good thing, as it helps the wave pattern and the skeletonization stand out more, and there really is no need for a third attraction on the dial.

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ITAnano Phantom Carbon Automatic 49 Watch Review

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