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The watch itself is done in high grade steel with a beautiful bead-blasted finish. The CNC precision cut case has a lot of nice details. The bezel is notched like an underwater vessel porthole window. The curved lugs jut out with purpose and wrap around your wrist a bit. The bottom of the case is beautiful. I know that is a weird thing to say about a watch caseback, but it is true. The smoothness of the machine work is clearly evident and really enjoy the engraving on the screw down caseback. Toothing blends to mirror polish and then wave pattern engraving with details about the watch. The work is impressive even if it came from a mainstream watch maker with access to fancier machinery. There on the back you'll also see the number of the watch in the limited edition of 500 pieces as well as the name of the man who designed the watch - Brian F. Green.

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As such, you can flip around the watch to get another side. In this instance each side has a different watch face design, each showing its own time. The internal manually wound mechanical movement powers both faces, that each give a different time. The images you see are for display purposes, showing you both watch faces, when you wear the watch you see just one, not both side by side as pictured. Available in both steel and gold, the watch case is modest in size by today' standards, but still a true classic. Size is just 26mm wide by 42mm tall. Even with two sides the case is just 9.5mm thick.

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Vulcain Anniversary Heart Cricket Watch For President Barack Obama: Thoughts

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With a curved chapter ring and applied indexes, the dial of the watch looks deep and functional. A good fashion dial if you ask me that doesn't offend by having too much superfluousness or confusion illegible parts. The hands could have a bit more of a contrasted look, but maybe now I am just getting picky. Good thing that Gc applied the dial with lots of SuperLumiNova on the hands and hour markers. The rotating diver's bezel completes that look and is another shout out to the style of the Zenith Defy X-treme.

Just to remind everyone that the Magrette Moana Pacific watch will be ending at the end of the month. If you didn't already enter, please take a moment to do so if you want a chance to win this fantastic timepiece. Next month, another watch giveaway.

On the side of the watch you have a gold colored screw-down crown to wind the watch and adjust the time and date. This crown features the Edox logo: a stylized hourglass. A further two push buttons control the chronograph start-stop-reset functions.

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We talk about brands to buy, brands to avoid, along with some additional new watches not yet available. We offer some buying tips and have the inevitable eBay debate. John finds a way to continue his streak of mentioning the Orange Monster at least once per episode (everyone, take a drink).  Plus, you will always get our special form of productive humor and opinion. Enjoy.

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My top choice is the Terranaut I, which is the chronograph version with a Valjoux 7750 movement inside. The chronograph subdials are extra large and easy to read, which the subsidiary seconds dial being a cool looking rotating triangle. Neat huh? I think that Muhle Glashutte took some design hints from fellow German watch maker Sinn when designing the chronograph, but maybe it was all their idea. The watches each have a distinct aviator look to them, which again makes me confused why they are called "Terranaut," but again I will forgive that as they are so nice looking. the Terranaut I watch comes with either a black, silver, or military olive green dial. Each with contrasting chronograph subdials. One thing that is a good touch is the matching day and date discs that match the color of the dial. I always appreciate seeing that. The three color dials with the red hands make for bold but unpretentious looks that are handsome and easy to appreciate it. Each has a timeless charm to it along with an ambiguous sense of utilitarian purpose that most guys will enjoy. Against the brushed steel case and black leather strap with contrast stitching you are looking at a uncharacteristically character-rich German watch.

Angular Momentum is about to release a sensational dive watch the likes of which I've never seen before. Most of Angular Momentum's design are polarizing, so I don't expect each of your to like this watch, but enough of you will appreciate the interesting concepts that went into it. Like the Pita Barcelona Oceana watch, this is a uniquely artistic rendition of a dive watch that is art, but also heavily focuses on diving utility. So just because it doesn't look like all the Rolex Submariner clones out there (and Rolex Submariners themselves), does not mean this is not a admirable diving tool. So lets jump right into discussing this new Dive-Tec/500 watch.

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Having a thin polished bezel gives the M103 a large look given the 44mm wide case. The sapphire crystal is raised and nicely beveled. A look that is common in Marvin watches. For another piece of brand identity you can see the red number "8" on the watch dial, as well as the color of the reserve side of the leather watch strap. Like all nice Marvin watches. the strap has a really high quality made buckle - again with the Marvin logo. One reason that I keep mentioning where the Marvin logo is placed, is because many watches that don't have these "signed" piece feel too much, as though they are made from sourced watch parts (this is especially the way I feel when I see a watch strap buckle without a brand signature on it). Marvin has the feel of a more brand dedicated product that isn't part of a common parts bin. Thus you get this special attention on the crown, buckle, and on the back of the strap.

At the end of the month I will be announcing a winner to the Orient Mako Automatic Diver watch giveaway (sponsored by Island Watch). It takes about a minute of your time to enter, and you'll be glad that you did. Click here to spend a second taking care of it.

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Intro Into Enamel: FHH Video On Enameling Techniques For Watches

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