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The Best Complicated Watch Prize was awarded to Zenith for their amazing Academy Christophe Colomb Equation of Time. It's good to see the Zenith ship back on a reasonable course after a major management shake-up and the sunset of the Theirry Nataf era. The Christophe Colomb is another over-the-top creation, and I love every bit of it. Admittedly, there might still be some good Nataf DNA in the toubillon of this piece, to his credit. At first glance it looks muck like the Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrotourbillon. And given the bubble housing the complication, owners should be VERY mindful when going through doorways! 😉

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Inside the three-hand model is a relatively simple Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic movement. They decorated it to look quite snazzy. The chronograph has a newer ETA A05.H31 that has 54 hours of power reserve, and some other nice features. This would be the version I would opt for - especially since the case size is a bit larger.

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The Oris Carlos Coste Limited Edition Diver is in high-grade titanium and 46mm wide. Oris makes some of the best diving watches around - and this piece exhibits all those features, plus a few extras. Additional features revolve around the chronograph markings on the dial which are said to assist with special dive times under water. Looking at the chronograph minute dial, you can see a special "1-10" scale done in luminant. The triangles are 2.5 minutes and 7.5 minutes refer to breath-holding records Carlos has set. While not functional - they aren't distracting and help remind of the diver's achievements.

Style of the DA44 is heavily based on the Sinn U2 range. They aren't exactly one-to-one copies but it is clear what Damasko was going for. I haven't compared the two side by side, but I can say that the DA44 is about 00 cheaper than the Sinn U2. Both are German brands, and I believe both use German-made cases.

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