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Next is the Traser Aviator Bucker Jungmann watch. This is almost a totally different style watch done with a textured black dial and with a chronograph. It feels so modern compared to the retro looks of the other two watches. I like how the hands of the watch pop out and that Traser knew to use another color (red) for the chronograph hands. Inside the watch is a Ronda 5030.D movement that has the the time, 12 hour chronograph, and the date. The watch is actually really attractive and probably very easy to maintain. I think it looks equally nice matched to the black leather aviator strap or the metal bracelet. Probably my favorite model of the three - plus the Bucker Jungmann aeroplane that it is based on a legendary acrobatic plane. This watch is a reasonable 5- 5.

Seiko Izul, The Coolest Watch You've Never Heard Of (And Can't Get) Watch Releases

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Citizen Sportissimo Watches Jazz Up The Promaster Line

Citizen Sportissimo Watches Jazz Up The Promaster Line

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Now that Swarovski is branching out into watches, though, they seriously need to improve their website. They have such an enviable product, with great name recognition, that they need to position themselves more as a luxury item.

Linde Werdelin SpidoLite SA Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

With the changing climate of consumer spending, even in the once-sacred luxury goods market, brands such as Swarovski are poised to do well - if they keep at it correctly. Everyone loves crystals... Even when they say they don't, they do. They catch your eye when the light hits it - they match ANY outfit - and are just fun. And, when it comes to Swarovski, there really is no other brand - company - designer out there that do crystals like Swarovski does crystals. They are the masters.

The Bell & Ross BR-01 93 GMT Automatic Multi-Timezone Watch Watch Releases

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Gustafsson & Sjögren Blizzard and Aurora Watches Are So "Metal" Watch Releases

Bid now Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Chéca Is Melty Face Watch Watch Releases
Romain Jerome Pinup DNA Red 18k Gold WWII Chronograph Automatic Mens Watch B 17
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Gustafsson & Sjögren Blizzard and Aurora Watches Are So "Metal" Watch Releases

The quality of the case is very good for this price level. Solidly made, good surfacing, and a finish that you'll be proud of (sorry about any finger prints on it in the pics). You also have the black PVD version as well that gives you the all dark look and a different styled. If you are concerned about size, the PVD version appears smaller due to it all being black. The dial of the watch is the Lumzilla's best asset. You get the upgraded LUM-TEC GX MDV lume, as well as large numerals and hour markers and easy to read hands. I needed to live with the dial for a bit to really measure it up. At first I though the hands were too small, but they really aren't. The watch is bold looking but easy to read - a tough combination of traits. Many people ask me about lume quality. I can say that it is very good. With some charging, the lume stays bright and the application of the lume over the dial makes the entire face easy to read. The seconds hand is perhaps too small. It easily gets lost in the face. Black on black with just a red tip. If you like having a seconds hand, you might find yourself searching for it. However, I think that LUM-TEC did this on purpose. It was trying to give the face a more simple look, but still give you the benefit of having a seconds hand. Which means that it is sort of like a phantom seconds hand. Not too visible unless you are purposefully looking for it.

This moon phase watch was one of my favorites. There was something very appealing in the simple charms of this watch that combines the classic touch of a moon phase indicator with the technical touch of Ball watches. This watch is more formal than the other watches though. A nice rounded case and textured dial make good to frame the large centrally located moon phase indicator. Look closely and you'll see all the little gas tubes that are part of the moon. It comes with the white dial or black. The steel case is 40mm wide and is also available with a steel bracelet in addition to the calf leather strap. Priced at about ,600 - ,700.

The watch case feels solid and I like the Marvin crown logo done in relief on the watch crown. Sorry for using the term "crown" twice, so do get confused. We are talking about two different types of crowns. The crown is not screwed in, which may have something to do with this only 50 meters of water resistance to the watch. It feels like there should be more, but then again, this is more of an urban warrior watch rather than a sport watch. The caseback is screwed down, and you have a view through a K1 mineral crystal glass to the movement (the crystal over the dial is sapphire and it looks as though AR is applied on the rear of the dial crystal). You will appreciate that the ETA 2897-2 automatic movement has been decorated with a style of sunburst polish, and some blued steel screws. Enough decoration to make you feel happy about your investment.

Right around the movement in the watch is a special material called d30 (TM). It was originally developed for the British Army, and has an incredible amount of shock absorbency. The orange colored silly putty like material has the unique ability to go from hard to soft in a very fast time. Meaning that shock going to it makes the material soft for an instant before it is bounced back and dissipated while the material turns hard again. Applications for such materials are endless, and it is used fantastically as protection for a watch movement.

Here is a rare watch from favorite German luxury watch maker A. Lange & Sohne. If you can take yourself back to the bubble building times of the year 2000, you'll recall just how sexy the idea of a tourbillon watch was. This was before a "mere tourbillon" was not enough, and when the complication was gaining steam as the haute mechanical wonder to wear. At this time most consumers still had no idea what the odd, but cool looking complication was. Later most consumers finally learned that the complication was in fact cool to look at, but of questionable value from utilitarian perspective. But who cares really, you don't get a 0,000 watch for utilitarian purposes.

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Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Family Watches

Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Family Watches

3. Wait until the giveaway is over on February 1st, 2010 for the winner to be chosen at random.

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Chef Anthony Bourdain And His Ernst Benz ChronoFlite World Timer Watch Watch Releases

Orient Mako CEM65001M Automatic Diver Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

While I only briefly went over the movement, the true watch lover will of course be interested in knowing all the "passive" functions that the movement has for making it "better." I will leave these up to Richard Mille if you are more interested, because I don't feel like discussing concepts such as "the phenomenon of periodic internal mainspring adhesion." There are a number of very cool, fancy elements to the movement. For the amount of money a Richard Mille watch costs - there should be.

What is funnier is the little message at the lower part of the image above, suggesting that if you need help adjusting the watch you should take it in to your local Ernst Benz dealer. Frankly, if you don't know how to adjust your watch back or forward one hour, you need to be hit in the face repeatedly and placed in the same rehabilitation home that they send people on airplanes who need help "fastening their seat buckle." That was kinda lame Ernst Benz, right? But before I complete my tirade on the matter, I will explain that they do this to hope that you'll go into the store and buy something new - which is guess is OK, but they could have said it better. By the way, I do like that Chronolunar watch they have on there with its automatic ETA Valjoux 7751 movement inside.

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The design of the watch is a combination of tool shed tech and traditional diver watch. From a distance the appearance of the DS 2000 GMT is of a strong looking diving watch. Upon closer inspection you realize all the little features that make the Formex unique. The full titanium case and bracelet have steel accents, such as the screws and bolts that give it a more precision look; as though it experienced a deeper level of engineering. And of course, the titanium makes the watch very light, even for its relatively hefty side of 45mm wide size. Formex is really dedicated to the user. As you can see the watch packaging. You get a wealth of tools, and straps in a case that can be taken with you on adventures. The Allen bolt fastener on the lugs makes it easy to change straps quickly and without any frustration; of course a tool is included for this. Also, there is a unique multi-locking clasp on the bracelet that is very secure. Look at the rotating diver's and its grippy looking surfaces. The contrasting colors make it easy to read, and the thickness makes it easy to operate even with gloves on. Overall, it is just a very ergonomic watch, which adds to it's tool like demeanor.

Seiko Spring Drive Commemorative Edition Specifications from Seiko:

Virtual Ideas "Toxic" Linear Time Watch Concept Watch Releases

In the video Biver gives us a few hints about the future of Hublot. Namely "manufacture." We know that Hublot is gonna get its own movements to go inside of its watches already with price points as though they already do have their own movements. So in maybe 3-5 years we will start to see something new from Hublot. All that bangin' Big Bang success has been able to fund some serious expansion and deserved ambition by Mr. Biver. He also talks about some of the peripheral things that they haven collaborated on. Like the Hublot bicycle or skis. I have a feeling that these products are only branded Hublot, without and of their design, which is probably good. Why then, is it fair for him to talk about them like they are Hublot products. What the hell Biver, you talk about them however you like, I still like the watches!

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