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Now this is a nice diving watch. I find it refreshing to see a simple and straight forward design execution such as this. What else would you expect from JeanRichard, Girard Perregaux's baby brand? The Diverscope JR1000 watch has the sensibility of somewhere between a Rolex Submariner and a Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. The design is not quite as refined as those two, but the look is really fantastic and the straight-forwardness of the design is appealing and welcome. The Diverscope is watch from the 1960's and here is a modern rendition of the look. Me liking it, as well as the other aforementioned diving watches probably means I like retro design better than moderns design! But hey, a lot of modern diver's watches are way to cluttered and "noisy." Too much going on is distracting and will prevent a watch from being a favored daily wear.

When Avenir Chrono's people were telling me about their new Boss Premiere line of watches (seen here), they mentioned a host of celebrities who were known to wear or own the watches. The funny thing was that I'd never heard of all but one of the people they mentioned. This rather amused me. I was first curious as to what portion of the pop culture demographic they were referring to (later I learned it was mostly people in the hip hop community), and then I was curious as to just how "out of it" I am when it comes to pop culture. Granted, I don't keep up much with the hip hop crowd, and of course less as to what they are wearing. Maybe because they have a reputation for being on distasteful side of "bling" to often (i.e. most of the Jacob & Co. produces). But watches like this Avenir Chrono don't phase me that way. They are certainly a major step up from diamond gilded Casio G-Shock watches.

I was asked to write an article making an "argument for Rolex watches." This was to be in response to an article which was an "argument against Rolex watches." Now, understand I didn't know what the argument against Rolex watches was going to be, so I simply needed to make a broad and effective argument in favor of the world's most ubiquitous luxury watch. For what ever you can say against Rolex, a ridiculous amount of owners and fans can't be that wrong. I wouldn't go so far as to say Rolex could be the only watch brand you need to look at, but they do have a lot of merit.

Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Chéca Is Melty Face Watch Watch Releases

You can tell that the Pi Watch is clearly a "modern minimalist" item. Stripped of many things we are used to in watches (crown, hour markers, lugs), the Pi Watch nevertheless is a good looking, and easy to use timepiece. I can't say that I know why the watch is called "Pi." I don't see 3.14 (etc, etc....) on the watch anywhere, and I am not enough of a math nerd (I mean, not at all a math nerd) to understand the "circular" motives in the name. Perhaps it stems from the basic metaphor that the equation of Pi is a mystery and currently unsolvable. Ben, are you trying to infer that this watch is an enigma? I would disagree. I get the watch, and I do quite like it.

The Bell & Ross BR-01 93 GMT Automatic Multi-Timezone Watch Watch Releases

See Casio G-Shock watches on Amazon here.Bear Grylls Sticks With Casio: Wears G-Shock In Current Man Vs. Wild Season Watch Releases

Bear Grylls Sticks With Casio: Wears G-Shock In Current Man Vs. Wild Season Watch Releases
Casio G SHOCK 30th Anniversary G SHOCK SUPRA GA 200 SPR 1AJR from Japan
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Bear Grylls Sticks With Casio: Wears G-Shock In Current Man Vs. Wild Season Watch Releases
Casio G Shock Watch Womans Analog Digital Sport Purple GMA S110HC 6A Brand New
Time Remaining: 59m
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Bear Grylls Sticks With Casio: Wears G-Shock In Current Man Vs. Wild Season Watch Releases
Casio G Shock Watch Mens Analog Digital Sport Purple GMA S110HC 2ACR Brand New
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Bear Grylls Sticks With Casio: Wears G-Shock In Current Man Vs. Wild Season Watch Releases
Casio Baby G Shock Watch Womens 3D Colorful Illuminated BGA 131 7B3
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Bear Grylls Sticks With Casio: Wears G-Shock In Current Man Vs. Wild Season Watch Releases
Casio Mens G Shock Solar Atomic Watch AWGM100 1A Retail 150
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Bear Grylls Sticks With Casio: Wears G-Shock In Current Man Vs. Wild Season Watch Releases
Casio G Shock Mens GPW1000T1A Hybrid Gravity Master GPS Atomic Solar Watch
Time Remaining: 1h 35m

The watch is serial numbered. Please contact us for availability, choice of strap color and serial number.

Strap & Buckle:
Black hand-stitched calfskin with titanium custom designed buckle

In a 40mm wide steel case  (water resistant to 30 meters) with brushed finish all the way around, the Pi watch is a good medium-large size watch. The crownless design makes it feel quite svelte and the integrated strap gives it a very seamless feel. The case is widest at the bottom and tapers a bit  toward the top of the case. A thick looking bezel frames a sapphire crystal over the dial - which is itself the most interesting part of the watch. More on that in a bit. The watch strap is a some type of resin plastic that has a satin finish and feel a bit like those used on Casio G-Shock watches. It is flexible and stiff - sort of at the same time. Makes for a very good texture and feel for the strap. It is one solid piece that is held in place to the case via the rear metal plate of the watch (the is attached via a series of screws). You can tell how the watch strap protrudes a bit before bending to wrap around your wrist - this is to have it fit comfortably on most all wrist sizes.

Andre Checa recently displayed this watch at the Belles Montres ("Beautiful Watches?" Wow... creative name there) expo in France recently. The watch was a piece unique (of course), meaning that only one was made. I wish I had the name for it. I personally would call it "Turd Vert." The case is meant to be a... well rock, and the strap is meant to be covered in "grass," which is actually green-colored mink fur. Nice and animal friendly there. Way to take a nature inspired watch, and effectively make it anti-nature. Some might even call this watch a "crime against nature!" Or at least against good taste. How does Christophe Claret himself feel to have a movement of his inside this eye-sore.

You've probably seen an ad or two for TX watches.  Or you may not know anything about the American brand. Their collection offers interesting and appealing timepieces each with exclusive quartz movements that you won't find elsewhere. I don't like each watch in their 2009 lineup, but some of the pieces are done quite well. Here are a few of my favorite watches that I got to check out at the TX TechnoLuxury watch booth in Las Vegas earlier this month at the JCK show.

The G-Rescue watches apparently have the largest pushers ever on a Casio G-Shock watch. Which makes sense if you need to operate them wearing layers of arctic cold gloves. Actually, I don't even think the pushers are large enough for gloves that bit, but OK for most gloves. There are the four case side buttons and the "G" button for the screen backlight. The case of the watch is maybe a bit larger that standard G-Shock timepieces, but not by much. You can see the new style screws that are used in the bezel as well. The watch is water resistant to 200 meters. A nice hardy little piece.

Not sure if the watch will arrive in a white dial version, but it may. As you can see you can also get the watch on a rubber strap. Prices are higher than the Grande Date, but still acceptable given the look and brand. At The Watch Gallery, prices are 1,195 British pounds for the steel bracelet version. Less of the rubber bracelet. Not sure about what US prices are going to be like - but a nice looker that will first a home on many happy wrists.

Allow me to introduce you to the Orbita Sparta 1 Mini watch winder. I originally discussed this watch on Luxist and mentioned how it was being marketed as a women's watch winder line. Actually, Orbita released a line of colors for women, but there are also male colored versions available. So in all, the Sparta 1 Mini is available in something like 6-8 colors with men's and women's colors. Here is the white version which is pretty unisex if you ask me. Price is very reasonable for this winder given what you get. There are two prices. The AC powered plug-in Sparta 1 Mini model (as tested) retails for 5, and can be found online at authorized Orbita dealers for about 0. The lithium ion battery powered version of the Sparta  is more, with a retail price of 5 (can also likely be found on authorized retailer sites for a bit less). Plus, the battery powered version has a different style and is known as the Sparta Open watch winder.

Traser H3 Aviator Bücker Watch Collection Watch Releases

Together you have an enjoyable watch that is fun and functional. Retail price without shipping is 0 for a Red8 watch. This model is the Red8 CB-008. It isn't the least expensive watch around, but there is really nothing else out there like it - and it is positioned as a luxury fashion watch that really sacrifices nothing given what it is. You can enjoy the character and thought that went into the watch, and the fact that it does not take itself too seriously. The hip dance music on the Red8 website seems to sum that up well. It is a great watch for people that want something different without any hassle and a watch that can better sum up their lifestyle than most of the stuffy watches that are out there.

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There are two models of the Chronoris watch. Both are in the same tonneau style case with the integrated lugs, and the retro looking pushers. The polished edging on the case works nicely with the brushed surfaces. Oris also did a nice job with the watch hands that aren't too thin - sometimes that was an issue in actual 70's watches. The basic Chronoris model has just a 30 minute chronograph and the time (with date). This is a stripped down version of the Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic movement. Then you have another version with a Valjoux 7750, but this time it has been added to instead of stripped down. This more elaborate version has a GMT module on the 7750 movement inside of the watch. Interesting design feature where the subsidiary seconds dial is just nakedly placed over some of the concentric circles on the dial. Further, while the dial might feel a bit busy and full of markers - they are actually all useful.

HourTime Show Podcast Episode 5 - Bell & Ross Goes Electric + Some Buying Tips HourTime Show

Ariel makes predictions for watch sizes and colors in 2010.  White watches.  ETA movement scarcity to come.  Orbita Sparta Mini-Watch Winder giveaway.  See all the watch winders we write about here.

Angular Momentum Urushi Red & Black Japanese Lacquer Watch Collection Watch Releases

New for Magrette is a totally SuperLumiNova  lume covered dial along with the hands. The retro chic looks of the Moana Pacific dial will proved easy to read in all light conditions. The mix of colors and textures really make the 1950's era look more modern. There is black and yellow on the dial, while the thick leather strap is black and red. Magrette also throws in a rubber strap cause it is a diver's watch after all. Price for the watch is very reasonable at 5. The watch is a limited edition and the first 100 pieces will be available starting in late January 2010. Magrette indicates that these initially available pieces will only be offered to its mailing list clients - and the remaining 400 will be offered more generally when that are released in April. If you are dying to get one, you should contact them now to pre-order. Below are more details (and some repeated information) about this great looking new Magrette Moana Pacific Diver watch.

Jorg Gray is the company that makes the JG6500 watch. You might know it as the President Obama watch, because it is the watch that he wears most of the time. This little fact has catapulted an otherwise small watch company into a phenomenon. So I am going to share with you other watches that they make over the nest few weeks. One thing that Jorg Gray specializes in is making good quality watches based on popular designs, but at much lower costs. This is needed in the market for at least one important reason. I often find myself discovering new watches and really liking them for being unique of eye catching. When I learn the price I am discouraged because I can't afford them, or won't spend that type of money on a watch that I know I would not wear daily. So when Jorg Gray discovers this fact, they go about creating their own version that is similar, and affordable. So now I get to have that cool design I see myself wearing when I feel the need, but I don't have to digest the thought of a big investment.

I've just come up with a new saying you are all free to use. "Watches are wearable art we feel comfortable putting on because they actually do something." It is the proverbial excuse us men need to put on something that can be arguably purely decorative. A drugstore Timex will tell the time, but is it nice enough to adorn? Arguably not in many instances. Is a very expensive and highly stylized Thomas Prescher watch merely an item to tell the time? Not in the least. Rather it is a serious hand-made piece of art with the added "justification" that it does something useful like tell the time. This my friends is why men like watches and aren't seen typically with jewelry.

Have a holiday deal special for readers that you'd like to add to the list? Simply contact and I will add it to this growing list.

Timex T-Series Automatic Watches

Timex T-Series Automatic Watches

This looks like one of Ball's aviator watches, but is actually the Ball Fireman Night Train watch. Nice colors with a aggressive facade, it has a dual time complication (also with an ETA automatic movement). The label of "universal military time" is written over the second timezone date window. This is one of the several Ball watches to have a DLC (diamond like carbon) coated case - which makes it very durable. The watch is 43mm wide and has that nice black calf leather strap with orange stitching. About ,800 as shown.

This is actually another very well done aspect of the watch - the chapter ring that is "cut" by the hour markers. The result is a hip looking three dimensional look right away when looking at the rich deep dial. Smaller minute markers on the chapter ring create a high level of legibility when reading the  time. The dial of the watch is in a metallic silver tone with a slight brushed sun ray finish. Then you have the three symmetrical subdials with broad hands and textured and decorated interiors. This is probably the most "designer" influence aspect of the watch with each subdial enjoying a different, but attractive style. I really like how this is done and feels like a perfect middle ground between fashionable and functional. The crystal on the watch is sapphire just ever so slightly domed and AR coated.

To buy or learn more, check out Praesto here.

Perrelet A1021/3 Day Date Power Reserve Cushion Watch Review

Perrelet A1021/3 Day Date Power Reserve Cushion Watch Review