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Jorg Gray JG1900 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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My Favorite Ball Watches At JCK, Big And Lots Of Lume

My Favorite Ball Watches At JCK, Big And Lots Of Lume

Swatch Automatic Chrono Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Seiko Spring Drive Commemorative Edition Specifications from Seiko:

Recorded on Christmas day, this is the last of the episodes that will have John out of the country with a bad Internet connection!

I recently wrote about chef Mario Batali and the special Ernst Benz Chronoscope for in his honor/image. A lot of people felt very strongly about it. Some people liked it, some people didn't, but most sorta voiced a general dissent of Mario Batali himself. Well, the man does use lots of butter and oil in his cooking, but the orange watch done for him by Ernst Benz wasn't half bad. Mario Batali isn't the only celebrity chef to wear an Ernst Benz watch. One of my favorite TV chefs also has one, and can be seen wearing it his show on the Travel Channel, "No Reservations." I am of course talking about New Yorker Anthony Bourdain.

Orbita Sparta 1 Tesla Watch Winder Review Luxury Items Orbita Sparta 1 Tesla Watch Winder Review Luxury Items

Seeing the Vortex watch I instantly want it. The style is right up my ally, and then I look at all the features and I get excited. Swiss movement, high grade titanium case, nice 44mm wide size, 500 meters of water resistance, and all the the rest of the detail below are nice to see. Priced at under 00 and you've got something seriously worth looking at. It should be available in the fall. While not a limited edition, each watch will be individually numbered. Gnomon Watches is associated with Dievas watches and is the place to go to get them. See below for more details.

No watch is worth being on your wrist if it stops working. The most delicate part of a watch is the movement - with the biggest enemy to it being high shock. Using a Japanese quartz movement in the watch is important for a few reasons. They aren't susceptible to magnetic fields, they are typically more hardy than mechanical movements, they are most often more accurate, and fixing them or changing the battery is easy in almost any place on the planet. This is even more so the case with Japanese versus Swiss movements that Rogue Warrior Watches says have more universally acquired batteries.

Jorg Gray JG1900 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

One place that you don’t want to skimp on is your desk chair, especially when your job requires lots of sitting. One such job is watch maker. Many watch makers sit of uncomfortable benches. Why? Well, because they don’t think too much about it. For generations watch maker desks have more or less stayed the same, but the advent of the ergonomic desk chair is relatively new in comparison. So you have a degree of “that is how it is done” mentality. It doesn’t need to be that way, and it is not always that way. At Seiko’s high end watch movement manufacture location in Japan, the watch makers are blessed with comfortable Herman Miller ergonomic chairs. This was a deliberate decision at the company, because it was clear that workers need to be happy and healthy. Seiko admitted that while outfitting the work benches with the chairs was more expensive, it proved to be worth it. I didn’t see anyone complain. Plus, with watch makers needing not only to sit for long hours, but to be still when they are, the best chairs are almost a necessity.

As a functional device, the 800 Series Linear Chronograph watches have always been very cool. Functionality involves the time, 4 hour chronograph, date, and a retrograde 24 hour format second timezone. As for the chronograph, the seconds are indicated around the main dial, the minutes are indicated on a very cool vertically linear retrograde dial, and the hours are told on a retrograde dial that doubles as the second time zone indicator when the chronograph function is not in operation. Unlike most chronograph watches, the Linear Chronograph has a centrally mounted seconds hand for the time in addition to the hand for the chronograph seconds. They don't look the same, so there isn't usually much confusion. While the movement is quartz, the chronograph seconds hand does sweep for a more precise reading.

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Watch companies are getting keen on blogging. Maybe I have shown them a good example? Different watch brands are experimenting with various ways of doing it, but the best approach is something like Linde Werdelin has done. Sure they could have more posts up and spend more time on it, but they are doing a good job so far with their new blog that details not only the development of Linde Werdelin watches, but the lifestyle that goes with Linde Werdelin watches from the maker and owner standpoint. From your seat you generally only see the "finished product" and the fancy marketing photos that come from the secret watch making lairs - often in Europe. But who are these people? And how serious are they about all the claims they make such as "sport watch" or "1000 meters water resistance." Sometimes it is really hard to tell and you don't know whether it is a marketing goon writing about this, or actually a couple of watch nerds testing each claim.

Select Mondaine Watches From JCK That I Liked Feature Articles

Swarovski was smart, using their materials on other brands to build their name. And as their success grows, it's even more exciting to see the history of this brand and the beauty of their crystals being used in trendy, contemporary yet classic designs.

Bell & Ross was one of the original companies to offer an all-black watch. The BR-01 Phantom was offered as a limited edition of 500 pieces of the basic model and 500 of the chronograph. The Phantom attracted a lot of attention and both models sold out faster then any other color BRs offered by the manufacturer. The BR-03 Phantom picks up where its BR-01 big brother left off. It has a limited production run of 500 pieces per year, and promises to be quite a popular watch. We still have not been able to have one of theses watches in our showcases. Each one we received had been ordered in advance. It is easy to see why. The Phantom dial is striking.

The reasons why people want to blacken their watches varies, but it usually comes down to being able to have a unique watch. People with large collections often alter watches that they have stopped wearing to revitalize them and bring back the joy of wearing them. Others envision what some of the watches we have in stock would look like in black and purchase them for that reason. Watches who's styles have faded into the fashion archives can be modernized with the treatment.

Casio Pathfinder PAW-2000 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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The case of the BR-03s, as probably most Bell & Ross enthusiasts already know, is a 42mm square. Very few people have tried on a BR-03 and found it to be too large on their wrists. As can be imagined, this is not the case for the 46mm BR-01 watches. This is probably the main reason why the BR-03s were introduced in the first place. The case is bulky, but still pretty low profile with a thickness just under 10mm. The lugs are slightly curved allowing the strap to fit more snugly on the wrist. All around the BR-03 92 is a very comfortable watch, and thanks to its "genuine military specifications" is perfect for every day use either at the office or at the beach.

Below the bubbles is a code. You go online or use a mobile website on your mobile phone and enter the code at Prooftag's website. After you enter the code the site shows you an image of the bubble formation that is associated with the code. You can then authenticate it in two ways. See if the image on the screen matches that on the card you are holding using your own eyes. If it is hard to tell and the images look close, you can used the special instrument that Prooftag offers that will line up the position and size of the bubbles compared to that which is in their system. Overall it is a really great system, and Prooftag has a good website that covers all the little details.

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The movement is manually wound with a tourbillon escapement seen at the bottom of the face. As some watches focus on featuring a tourbillon as the most complex feature, the Dual Tow does not. The tourbillon just sort of placidly sits there, minding its own business... being complex and understated. The star of the dial from a technical standpoint is the planetary gear array that controls the chronograph. Like a many armed Indian God, the gear system presses multiple points at once. Claret meant to poke not only your visual interest, but at each press of the pusher, you hear a "chime." Claret's most classic talent is in minute repeaters. So the man knows a good gong and hammer show. On the rear of the watch you'll see a hammer at the top of it with a thin pieces of blue steel like a wire going around the circumference of the movement like it was an internal antenna. That thin piece of steel is the gong, and needs to be relatively rigid and not touching anything else save for the base to make sound necessary to have a deep little chime. This mechanism is one of the other things activated when you press the chronograph pusher. The concept is the same as when you get a beep each time you press a button on your mobile phone.

There is a lot to like about this watch. I'll start with the movement which is an in-house made (good, bur surprising) JeanRichard JR1000 automatic mechanical, with a power reserve of 48 hours. It is not the fanciest of movements, but it does the basics well I am sure, and I love diving watch with in-house movements - very appealing. This is all inside a 43mm wide (by about 14mm thick) case made out of PVD coated steel - ooh fancy. The black PVD on steel here is a good look with a matte finish, making for a very light looking watch. The crowns however are made of titanium, and also black PVD coated. Titanium is a bit prone to getting scratches, but the PVD coating should help a little bit on that regard. There are large sections on the sides of the case that act as extended crown guards. I like how these sections look applied to the case, though they are likely part of one strong case construction. You can see the exposed strap bars at the ends of these sections. Instead of having both crowns on one side, JeanRichard opted for a more symmetrical approach, so that the crown to operate the inner rotating bezel is located on the left side of the case. It looks nice and adds a more technical look to the watch. I am really getting into liking this timepiece a lot!